Choosing the best learning environment

Customise your learning contract…

Effective Pilates instruction takes time, concentration, & dedication. We at Signature Pilates Studio are committed to providing a learning environment that best suits you and your personal needs. For this reason, Signature Pilates Studio is not confined to one time or place; our classes and learning schedules are as unique as each of our clients.

Do you live within the Subang Jaya area?

Come train at our local studio in USJ 1 – the one and only fully equipped pilates studio found in Subang Jaya! We are conveniently located close to the CJK (C) Chee Wen school, right next to Grandville Bungalows. Click here for a map & address.

Would you prefer an intimate class environment? 

Gather a group of fast friends and learn/laugh/lose inches together! This is a great way to develop friendship bonds as well as your personal health.

Is one-to-one training the best environment for you?

Yvonne specialises in personal training. Set aside one hour a week to concentrate on developing a healthier you.

Do you have access to a fitness studio close to you?

Host a weekly Pilates class with Yvonne at your condo complex or office building studio! Yvonne will be happy to train you and your friends or co-workers at a location that is most convenient for all your busy schedules.

Are you burdened with time constraints or physical limitations?

Yvonne coaches clients who prefer to learn within the comfort of their own homes for a variety of personal reasons. We honor your need for privacy; we will be happy to arrange a time to come to you.

As a small privately-owned Pilates studio, we have a passion for serving you and your family in a way that best strengthens your health, your home life, and your personal relationships. Call or email for a consultation to see which Pilates training approach would work best for you!

Yvonne Kuang

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