About Pilates

Why Pilates?

The human body is a versatile machine, able to adjust and compensate for muscle weakness caused by physical injury, repetitive athletic regimes, and the daily habitual motor movements of work and home life. But long-term compensation leads to muscle imbalance, permanent misalignments and misspent energy, leaving one’s body susceptible to further, more serious trauma. Pilates is the fitness training solution that combines exercise and physiotherapy for the restoration of proper body alignment and optimum physical performance.

How is Pilates effective?

Pilates embraces the anatomy and biomechanics of your body: it concentrates on developing those muscles which wrap around joints and are responsible for proper alignment – the deep stabilizing muscles of the torso, core abdominal and back muscles, muscles along the spinal column – as well as the scapular regions and your particular weakened muscles. The secret is non-impact resistance that resembles muscular contractions and eliminates stress on your joints, making Pilates safe, versatile, and effective for all ages and fitness levels. Toned, stretched, and lengthened, your muscles will acquire the strength and flexibility needed for a balanced, agile, and healthy body.

Who can benefit from Pilate fitness training?

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or pure beginner, you can benefit from the Pilates lifestyle. From physical rehabilitation for special needs personage to performance enhancement for seasoned athletes, Pilates is intentionally customised for your unique health history and physical demands. The result is a body that is free of old tensions and ready to gain new altitudes.

What can Signature Pilates Studio do to serve your particular needs?

As a small privately-owned Pilates studio, we believe that our teaching environment should be as unique as our clients. For this reason, we tailor our classes and training schedules according to what best fits your needs and desires. Check out our brief Q&A to explore our versatile learning programs, and ask for a consultation to see which training approach would work best for you!

Have any other Pilates-related questions?

Please do contact us & we’ll do our best to post answers and/or helpful resource links on our Facebook Page.